Branch Cash Recycler

As the modernisation of bank branches progresses with the implementation of new customer care environments with very specific requirements in terms of ergonomics and space, the cash recycling technology must be planned to fit into areas with much more restricted space.

Due to providing high processing efficiency, large cash recycling capacity, the GRGBanking teller cash recycler (TCR) solutions are the ideal for financial institutions to meet the automation requirements of their branches and create a perfect environment to concentrate more on customer care and sales of financial and associated products.

Optimisation of configurations Flexibly configurable only for cash deposits, only dispensing, cash deposits and dispensation or cash recycling, easily meeting the requirements of different regulations and transaction networks.

Innovation and low total cost of ownership Enabling remote management and updates in addition to a cassette technology versus drum legacy solutions, this is clearly an innovative solution with lower operational costs compared to previous solutions.

TCR71 Teller Cash Recycler

With UL291 Level 1 safes, card reader resistant to fraud, optional vibration alarm and remote monitoring software, the GRGBanking TCR solutions ensure a high-performance and secure environment, with the following special features:

  1. 7” LCD touch screen
  2. UL291 Level 1 safe
  3. 3,300 x 4 cassettes = 13,200 notes
  4. 12 notes/second
  5. Retract bin capacity: 500 pcs
  6. Vibration and temperature alarms

The TCR71 solutions enable offering high processing speed and multi-denomination supporting resources for the customers of bank branches.

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P5800L Branch Cash Recycler

P5800L is a cash deposit and/or recycling solution, based on a compact ATM design and GRGBanking technology for note recycling. Its function for recording note serial numbers enables fast validation of the deposits made by customers as well as the authenticity of the deposited notes. With a modern design and low operating costs, it can be implemented in banking environments in addition to retail/distribution environments with high transaction capacity.

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