POS PinPad

The Pin Entry or PinPad Devices have cryptographic functionalities, aimed at ensuring the security of the electronic payment system. hey are used as a secure means to enter the PIN code and ensure the authenticity of the data sent to and received from the authorising centre, operating in an integrated mode with the checkout and shop front systems. PinPad IXION has the following functionalities: Interface with the customer and connection to the shop front system; Confirmation of the amount; Entry of PIN; Security cryptographic mechanisms; Reading of bank and loyalty cards; Reading of cards by magnetic band, chip card and contactless; Payment through Near Field Communications (NFC) enabling mobile payments and payments by QR Code; Collection of customer questionnaire information; The NewNote PinPad was designed to support environments with a heavy flow of customers and transactions with robustness and performance suitable to multi-lane check-out systems. Enabling various means of payment, in particular by contactless and QR Code, this is latest generation equipment, certified with the strictest standards of the industry.

PinPad ME51R

The compact ME51 PinPad with chip card reader, magnetic band card reader, contactless card and NFC reader and provision of QR codes is easily integrated in the merchant’s checkout system, presenting all payment possibilities to enhance the customer’s payment experience.

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