Deposit Solutions

P2600 Series High Speed Cash Deposit Machine

P2600 is a compact deposit machine for back-office management of the deposit process, including validation of notes, counting and storage to create convenient and secure environments for the customer. The smart technology ensures the easy storage and transportation of notes, while the compact design requires little space to accommodate various functions.

P2800N Cash Deposit Machine

The P2800N is the most recent GRGBanking deposit machine, offering high speed processing and a large deposit capacity. With cutting edge technology, such as note validation, biometric authentication, tracking of serial number and other advanced technologies, the P2800N would be the ideal solution for cash management in retail and financial institution environments.

The P2800N can be configured with the most recent GRGBanking technologies, such as card readers and contactless readers, barcode readers and biometric authentication. It has 5 deposit cassettes with a deposit speed of 10 notes/second, which greatly improves efficiency while keeping its large capacity.

With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for cash tracking, the P2800N can record serial numbers of processed notes and, therefore, prevent account reconciliation difficulties, cash fraud and other misleading actions at financial institutions.

The P2800N contains a UL291 Level 1 / CEN L safe with an optional vibration alarm and remote management software solution, ensuring a secure transaction environment. Biometric authentication is also available in the P2800N, making it possible to prevent improper use and improper authorisation during the operation.