POS Self Service

NewNote has developed a line of automatic payment solutions for outdoor environments and unattended solutions based on a certified PCI and EMV platform with clear emphasis on anti-vandalism protection with levels of protection against the weather and high performance. This equipment can be implemented: In modular configurations, with the PinPad and integrated in a single closed module. The hybrid card reader (chip and magnetic) and contactless/NFC reader are located separately so as to offer more flexibility concerning the design of the final solution;

In all-in-one configurations, with an ergonomic and compact format with all the payment interfaces integrated in a single device.


The definitive self-service solution for all environments: ticket offices, petrol stations, kiosks, car parks, tolls, etc. Its modular design offers maximum flexibility.

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Resistant to the weather and vandalism, the U1000 presents a modern all-in-one payment solution adaptable to all implementation scenarios. Its manifold peripheral connectivity means that it can be integrated in various kiosk and automatic vending machine systems, meeting these different business needs with flexibility.

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